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antarctic visit

SWS Commission Report

London meeting

SWS Commission Report

St Petersburg
14-15 July 2008

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antarctic visit

Members of the Commission travel to ANTARCTICA

21-23 MARCH 2008


In connection with the Commission meeting in Chile, a group of the participants visited...
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St Petersburg Climate Change Seminar of the SI Commission for a Sustainable World Society

14-15 July 2008


Co-Chairs of the Commission

Ricardo Lagos

Goran Persson

Socialist International Secretary General

Luis Ayala

Members of the Commission

Sergey Mironov

Aleksandr Kwasniewski

Beatriz Paredes

Armenia, ARF-Dashnaktsutyun

Ara Nranyan

Finland, Social Democratic Party

Vesa Mauriala

Greece, Pasok

Paulina Lampsa

Alexandra Verykokou

Mexico, PRI

Leticia Perlasca Núñez

Sweden, SAP

Martin Sandgren

Russia, Just Russia Party

Nikolay Levichev

Alexandr Babakov

Alexandr Podlesov

Kira Lukianova

Oleg Nilov

Vladimir Pozionko

Gennady Zhirnov

Boris Guseletov

Vladena Tikhova

Nataliya Velikaya

Anna Goloseeva

Victor Feschenko

Victor Gorchakov

Sergey Beregovoy


Alexander Ginzburg

A.M. Obukhova Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Science

Sergey Roginko

Group of Environment Protection and Development Institue of Europe

Boris Porfiryev

Risk Center, Institute of Economy, Russian Academy of Science

Vyacheslav Donchenko

St. Petersburg Scientific and Research Center for Ecological Security, Russian Academy of Science

Andrey Nagibin

Green Party, Russia

Oleg Sergeev

Commission of the Russian Legislative Assembly for Public Health Service and Ecology

Other activities

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