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Latin America and the Caribbean

SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean meets in Buenos Aires

09-10 April 2010

Original: Spanish

In relation to the work of the Committee, the meeting agreed:

1. To ask the Chair of the Committee together with the Secretary General of the International to prepare a draft of a Plan of Action, to be circulated amongst the member parties to gather and synthesise their proposals, in order to consider this draft at the next meeting of the Committee.

2. To also ask them to propose possible working groups on themes of interest for the member parties, in order that the parties make suggestions on the subjects and consider their possible participation, so that this theme can be debated at the next meeting of this SI Committee.

3. At the same time, to ask them to circulate a proposal for a Web Page which would provide information of interest of members and facilitate contact between them, to be considered at the next meeting of this Committee.

Other activities

If you are looking for an earlier meeting, please consult the LIBRARY section.