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Financial Crisis, Markets and Democracy, Climate Justice: SI Council in Costa Rica

23-24 January 2012


Redefining markets in a democracy and overcoming the crisis with growth in the real economy

Alvaro Colom (Guatemala, UNE)
Sigfrido Reyes (El Salvador, FMLN)
Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas (Mexico, PRD)
Alfred Gusenbauer (Austria, SPÖ)
Hermes Binner (Argentina, PS)
Zita Gurmai (S&D Group)
Carlos Eduardo Vieira da Cunha (Brazil, PDT)
Pia Locatelli (SIW)
Christoph Zöpel (Germany, SPD)
Nouzha Chekrouni (Morocco, USFP)
Ricardo Alfonsín (Argentina, UCR)
Umut Oran (Turkey, CHP)
Simón Gaviria (Colombia, PLC)