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CASABLANCA COUNCIL - Peace, Security, Development

31 May-01 June 2002


1. Regarding the fact that Belarus finds itself in a situation of incomplete transformation of the social and economic spheres, the SI supports all reforming forces in the country, which stay prepared to modernise different areas of Belarusian life. Tardy transformation is hampering the sound development of the country’s potential, and it constitutes a chance to avoid the fatal mistakes of ultra-liberalism leading economy from one extreme to another. The Belarusian Social Democratic Party is herewith required to develop transformation concepts based on the experience of other countries and to communicate them properly to the public.

2. Referring to the conclusions of the SI Congress in Paris in 1999, ever-increasing interdependence and globalisation are unstoppable. The SI will continue to employ all means to turn this process from a savage destruction of economic potential of some less developed regions into sensible regulation. The realisation of this aim is, in a situation where some countries stay closed, as in Belarus today, almost unthinkable.

3. Modern society can work only when civil society and a pluralistic political culture are in full operation. The SI and its partner organisations are urged to mobilise their capabilities in a co-ordinated manner in order to find ways of bringing Belarus out of its self-isolation. This strategic task is to be achieved through open public debate both in the international community and above all in Belarus itself. The SI urges member parties to support all reforming forces and highlight the need for more contacts between European and Belarusian youth. The human rights rating of the country is one of the most critical parameters. The SI will establish all possible ways in order to prevent spilling over from hidden conflict into an open one.

4. The SI is aware that security in the region of Eastern Europe, especially after the events of 11 September 2001, is unimaginable without the active participation of Belarus.

5. In order to put in motion the above mentioned process of democratisation, transformation and international inclusion of Belarus, the Socialist International will hold in Minsk, in due course, a conference on Belarus.