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Latin America and the Caribbean

MEETING IN LIMA of the SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean

06-07 May 2005

The Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean held a meeting recently, on 6-7 May, in the city of Lima, Peru, with the Peruvian Aprista Party, PAP, as its host.

The central themes of the discussions were "For an inclusive, fair and democratic global governance: strategies of political and economic integration of Latin America and the Caribbean" and "Reaffirming the policies and proposals of the progressive forces in the region: priorities and tasks of the moment".

The meeting, in which a great number of representatives of member parties of the International from the whole region and beyond were present (List of Participants), was opened, in front of guests, diplomats, leaders of social organisations and journalists, with interventions by Rolando Araya (PLN, Costa Rica), Chair of the Committee; Alan García, President of PAP and former president of the Republic of Peru; and by Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International.

The debates during the two days of work highlighted the commitment of the social democratic parties in the region to strengthening democracy and to overcoming inequality of opportunity and poverty which exist on the continent, in favour of sustainable development and the implementation of policies of inclusion, with equality of rights for women, respect for the environment and the creation of decent jobs. In particular, the Committee reaffirmed the need for the region to move decisively towards economic and political integration in order to develop its potential in the framework of the global economy and politics, and to have a more substantive influence in both areas. A short resolution text approved by the Committee on this theme reflects this vision. (Declaration of Lima)

Other resolutions which were adopted included one on the current political situation in Mexico, another on Youth and one on the Dominican Republic. The Committee also agreed to extend its best wishes and congratulation to José Miguel Insulza upon his election as Secretary General of the Organisation of American States (OAS) and to discuss at a next meeting the way in which to contribute to strengthening and making this regional body more relevant in the fundamental issues facing the hemisphere. Furthermore, the Committee decided to continue to lend its attention and collaboration with the recently established party which had resulted from the merging of its members in Haiti; and, to carry out shortly a visit to Venezuela of the Secretary General of the International and the Chair of the Committee to meet with representatives of the government, members of the SI and other political parties in this country. At the meeting it was also decided to follow attentively, recalling the SI's commitment to work for peace, the situation in Colombia, in very close contact with its member parties there. In the same way, the Committee will remain alert to contribute in its own way, when necessary, in the face of cases of institutional instability which are present today in the region. In relation to future activities, it resolved to hold a meeting of the Commission established by the Committee on regional economic themes this coming July in Panama, which will be followed by a meeting later in the year in Latin America of the SI Committee on the Economy, Social Cohesion and the Environment. The next meeting of the Committee will take place in Montevideo, Uruguay, before the second Council meeting of the year of the Socialist International, with the member parties there, the Socialist Party and New Space, as the Committee's hosts.

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