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Socialist International Environment Award
A prize for pro-environmental actions

The condition of the world’s environment has deteriorated greatly in recent decades and the negative results of global climate change constitute one of the gravest problems facing the modern world. The challenge of the 21st century is to attempt to eliminate the causes of global warming and to minimise its consequences by concentrating on protecting the natural world and limiting the negative effects of human activities on the planet. Ever more severe effects of global warming, extinction of numerous species, pollution leading to reduction of the world’s resources of clean air and water, exhaustion of mineral reserves – these and many other phenomena should persuade the international community, governments and parliaments, NGOs, academic milieus and intelligentsia to undertake even more vigorous actions in order to preserve the world’s environmental heritage and nature itself.
Given the present and future dangers for the environment and all mankind, the Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society has established a prize – the “SI Environment Award” – for the most environmentally and socially effective pro-nature actions. Political party initiatives, government plans, undertakings of national and international NGOs, actions of individuals, local communities and scientific achievements in the field of ecology and environmental protection will all be considered.
In granting the Award, particular attention will be given to those actions which are undertaken on the basis of social concord and acceptation by all concerned parties, and which will stimulate further pro-environmental actions and arouse ecological awareness regionally, nationally or internationally. Actions such as introducing energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies and ways of limiting waste and its recycling, increasing the use of renewable energy resources, afforestation, promoting sustainable economic development and effective ecological education will be considered especially important.
The Socialist International Environment Award is meant to promote successful policies and projects which have a positive impact on the condition of the world’s environment. These achievements should be treated as exemplars for further pro-environmental actions.
The Award is dedicated to political parties, governments, non-governmental organisations, individuals, community initiatives and movements, and scientific organisations directly or indirectly connected with the progressive movement. Its role is to promote their undertakings and to encourage developing further publicly accepted pro-environmental activities.
The Commission for a Sustainable World Society will consider nominations for candidates in the different categories for the Award from member parties and organisations of the Socialist International, with the first recipients to be announced by Friday 29 May 2009.

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