Commission on Global Financial Issues

SWS Commission

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antarctic visit

Members of the Commission travel to ANTARCTICA

21-23 MARCH 2008


In connection with the Commission meeting in Chile, a group of the participants visited...
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Commission on Inequality

Defeating inequality in the world economy - a global plan of action

03-04 June 2016


Latifa Perry

The Socialist International Commission on Inequality held its first meeting on 3-4 June in Brussels, hosted by the Socialist Party of Belgium, PS. The Commission had been established by the SI to put forward new ideas, innovative concepts and policies to defeat inequality in the world economy. With a view to drawing on the accumulated experience at the helm of government on matters related to the issues in the remit of the Commission...

Climate Change

SI Declaration on climate change and COP 21

29 November 2015


Following discussions on climate change and the COP21 Summit at the Council meeting of the Socialist International in Luanda, delegates recognised the growing acknowledgement of climate change as the single greatest threat to the future of humanity, and the need for urgent and meaningful action from all the nations of the world. The Paris Summit may well be the last opportunity to avert a global catastrophe and the Council outlined the vision of the Socialist International for a universal binding agreement, common commitments, differentiated demands and precise objectives, calling for:...


Climate Change: The eleventh hour

27 November 2013


The Socialist International has been closely following the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, COP19/CMP9, which concluded on 23 November in Poland. Regretfully, once again little progress has been achieved on the most vital issues. There have been some positive developments and the SI welcomes these, but on the most pressing points, in particular that of sealing a new global agreement to replace Kyoto, and on firm and sufficient financial commitments from the developed world, decisions were weak or absent...

Climate Change


12 December 2012


The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP18/CMP8, which this year took place in Doha, Qatar, concluded last weekend. Negotiations were extended in an effort to reach a positive decision involving all parties; however, yet again, we have witnessed a COP sadly devoid of significant decisions on climate change, one of the most serious issues humankind currently faces. This demonstrates once more the lack of political will to deal with this challenge...

Commission on Global Financial Issues

SI Commission meeting at the United Nations, New York

04 April 2012


Latifa Perry

The Socialist International recently held a meeting of its Commission on Global Financial Issues at the United Nations headquarters in New York with a special focus on a global overview of the current phase of the international financial crisis...


cOmmission on Global Financial Issues

The Way Forward 
on the Global 
Financial Crisis




GFI Commission

First MEETING of the GFI Commission, Vienna

03 November 2008

The SI Commission on Global Financial Issues met in Vienna for the first of a series of meetings, bringing together political leaders, ministers and experts from all continents...

London meeting


19 November 2007

The SI Commission for a Sustainable World Society, the body established to address the global environmental agenda, climate change and the issues of governance required to deal with these common challenges, meeting at 10 Downing Street, hosted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown... Statement