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Latin America and the Caribbean

SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean meets in Buenos Aires

09-10 April 2010


Original: French

Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 9-10 April 2010, the Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean:

1. Reaffirms its solidarity with the Haitian people who suffered the consequences of the terrible earthquake of 12 January 2010, a natural catastrophe which took on the dimensions of an apocalyptic tragedy;

2. Renews its condolences to the families of all the victims, including those of Micha Gaillard who was well known by our movement for the force of his convictions in favour of democracy, social justice and international solidarity;

3. Encourages aid donors and countries of the International community to contribute effectively to improve the living conditions of the Haitian people whilst respecting the financial commitments made at the meeting of 31 March 2010 in New York in a responsible manner;

4. Asks all the member parties of the Socialist International to continue to show their interest in the Haitian crisis; concretely, this interest could show itself in the form of support of young Haitians who want to follow their university studies abroad at a time when the majority of Haitian universities have collapsed as a result of the earthquake of 12 January;

5. Strongly urges the Haitian member parties of the Socialist International to reinforce their strategy of unity with other political parties and democratic organisations with a view to promoting the emergence of a new political force around a common programme whose application should contribute to sustainable change in the situation of the Haitian people who have suffered over a long period of time; and

6. Pledges to remain vigilant and deeply committed to the question of the reconstruction of Haiti as well as the political evolution of that country, despite its current misfortunes.

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