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BRUSSELS COUNCIL - Platform for global progress

10-11 April 2000


Original: Spanish

The Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Brussels on 10-11 April 2000, appeals to President Leonel Fernández to ensure that the Dominican electoral process takes place without upset, in a balanced way and without the need for state resources being thrown behind any presidential candidate.

The International welcomes the efforts by the Central Electoral Board with the consensus of all the Dominican political parties committed to the production of a new electoral register using colour photography that should guarantee the fairness of the elections of 16 May 2000.

The history of Dominican elections bears witness to unfair electoral processes of the sort that the International witnessed when it acted as an international observer and which made the victory of Comrade José Francisco Peña Gómez and the Dominican Revolutionary Party impossible.

The Socialist International reiterates its support for Comrade Hipólito Mejía and its member party, the Dominican Revolutionary Party, wishing them success in the forthcoming elections and announces the sending of a substantial delegation of observers from the International who will be present at the forthcoming poll.