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10-11 April 2000

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BRUSSELS COUNCIL - Platform for global progress

10-11 April 2000


The Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Brussels on 10-11 April 2000, continues to be concerned regarding the legitimacy of the elections in Peru.

As the SI noted in its statement on the eve of the 9 April vote, observer delegations from Latin America, Europe and the United States had been virtually unanimous in calling into question many aspects of the electoral process. There were numerous denunciations that during the campaign the government of President Alberto Fujimori had manipulated the media, threatened democratic opponents, conducted smear campaigns against Peruvian election monitors, used the judicial system for political purposes and undermined the independence of the national electoral authorities.

Since the election there have been new concerns regarding irregularities reported by observers during the actual vote and delays in the counting process.

Opposition parties, including the SI member Peruvian Aprista Party, have persevered despite the enormous odds against them and have united behind presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo's efforts to go to a second round of voting against President Fujimori.

The Socialist International continues to express its support for all democratic forces in Peru and, in the event of a run-off election, calls upon the Fujimori government to rectify all evident irregularities to ensure that the process is completely transparent.

If, however, Peruvian electoral authorities conclude that President Fujimori is the winner in the first round, the Socialist International must seriously question the legitimacy of such a victory, given the lack of conditions for a free and fair election.