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SANTO DOMINGO COUNCIL - Working for a more secure and fairer world

26-27 November 2001


Original: Spanish

The Socialist International expresses its solidarity with the people of Colombia in the search for peace through a negotiated political solution to the armed conflict and recognises the current serious crisis in the peace process.

The Socialist International calls on all sides - the guerrilla groups and the government of President Andrés Pastrana - to look for ways to overcome the disagreements and the difficulties that have stalled any advance of dialogue, to eliminate the activities of the paramilitaries, the guerrillas and other illegal actors, and the evil work of all those involved in drug cultivation, processing and trafficking, and money laundering. The Socialist International reminds all the armed activists - FARC, ELN, AUC - that the search for peace, if it is to enjoy the support of the international community, must in all circumstances involve strict respect for human rights.

The new global reality stemming from terrorism requires great efforts within countries where, as in Colombia, armed conflicts persist, in order that they can be overcome, and to initiate at the same time the transformation of the social conditions from which the conflicts originated.

We urge both the government and the people of Colombia to protect and develop the human rights of all its citizens, to work together to bring an end to all forms of discrimination and to create the conditions through which Colombia can achieve its full economic potential, so that its people can prosper and develop free from violence and terror.

The Socialist International expresses its full support to the government and the people of Colombia, in order to contribute to a coming together of all sides and a strengthening of the peace process. It also calls for the creation of a commission to support and accompany the peace process.