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NEW DELHI COUNCIL - Social Democracy in Asia Today

10-11 November 1997


The Council of the Socialist International welcomes and supports the Ottawa process in order to reach a total prohibition (use, development, production, stock-piling, export or transfering) of anti-personnel landmines.

It welcomes the fact that already more than 100 nations are taking part in this process and calls on those who abstained, in particular such active mine-producing nations like China, Russia, India, Pakistan and USA, to join the Ottawa process and fulfil its obligations.

In the continuation of the Ottawa process other types of landmines which also affect individuals should be made part of a convention banning landmines.

The Council of the Socialist International calls on the international community to give know-how, equipment and money for the detection and destruction of landmines, in particular in the developing countries which suffer the most from these weapons.