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26-27 March 2004

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SI Mediterranean Committee HOLDS MEETING IN LIMASSOL in support of negotiations for a united Cyprus

26-27 March 2004

The Socialist International Mediterranean Committee met in Limassol, Cyprus, on 26-27 March 2004, underlining the support of the social democratic movement for the negotiations for a united Cyprus which have been taking place in recent weeks, after representatives of both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities accepted the UN Secretary General’s plan for the island as a basis for negotiations.

The Committee, convening for the first time in Cyprus, brought together leaders and representatives of the EDEK Movement of Social Democrats from the Greek Cypriot community, a member of the Socialist International and hosts of the meeting; and leaders and representatives from the Republican Turkish Party, CTP; Peace and Democracy Movement, BDH; and the United Cyprus Party, BKP, these three from the Turkish Cypriot community, for discussions on five main themes under the heading "Towards a common future for the people of Cyprus".

The exchanges on Cyprus centred on advancing new economic opportunities for the people of a united Cyprus, strengthening the common cultural heritage, the role of local authorities in bringing people together, developing the social democratic dimension in a united Cyprus, and the solution of the Cyprus issue as a contributing factor to peace and stability in the region. A Declaration of Limassol reflecting the shared views on these points was approved unanimously by the meeting.

The meeting also received an overview of latest developments in the Middle East, presented by the SI Secretary General, following the SI talks which had just taken place in Brussels, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Tel Aviv and heard from representatives of SI member parties in the Mediterranean region on the political situation in their countries.

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