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Making the fight against poverty in Africa an urgent priority




1. Guidelines

There is an urgent need to:

• give budgetary help to the poorest sections of society;
• put in place a programme of collective action in the fight against poverty;

• finance measures to assist rural peoples to stay on the land and raise their production, and

• restore an economic climate that favours strong economic growth.


2. Improving productive capacity by creating jobs in targeted areas in town and countryside.

In towns, particular attention must be paid to the informal sector and to training the urban workforce.

In the countryside government and popular initiatives must be undertaken to take account of the rights of the poor, particularly on the question of access to land. Access to credit must be made easier for the poor.

Fighting poverty in Africa

3. Improving access to social services

Infrastructure of a public, private or community nature must be put in place to provide health, education, access to drinking water, electricity and roads.

The proportion of children at school must rise to 75 per cent by 2003 through the implementation of a plan to build primary schools through the efforts of local groups, NGOs and popular organisations.


4. Improving the nutrition of children and vulnerable groups

Plans must be made for the improvement of the nutrition of children under three, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The supply of food must be assured to the poorest households in towns and certain rural areas.


5. An effective policy of information, education and communication must be put in place

National information systems must be improved, popular participation in it encouraged and villages encouraged to appoint spokespeople.

Africa alert


1. Objectives

- To reduce poverty by half by 2010
- To finance this reduction by means released by the reduction of the debt

2. Methods

- To mobilise firstly the governments led by social democratic parties
- To involve other European countries
- To involve the IMF and the World Bank
- To join efforts with the ONGs

3. The framework

The meeting in Africa of the second SI Council of 2000.


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