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CASABLANCA COUNCIL - Peace, Security, Development

31 May-01 June 2002


Original: French

The commitment of the international community to ending terrorism in Afghanistan has led to the overthrow of the Taliban regime and the dismantling of Al Qaeda in that country. The Socialist International welcomes this development, which has established the basic conditions for the Afghan people to finally find peace again. However, after more than 20 years of war, suffering and destruction, the Afghan people will be unable to confront alone the immense task of reconstructing their country and consolidating peace. Faced with the uncertainty which still dominates the future of this country, the SI:

Hopes that the struggle against terrorist networks will be carried through to the end with determination by the whole international community;

Urges the international community to fully assume its financial commitments, particularly with regard to the reconstruction of the political structures and the economic, social and cultural infrastructures which have become practically non existent, but which are indispensable for the consolidation of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

• Hopes that the Afghan leaders will commit themselves to putting in place real political democracy which is equally indispensable if peace, security and economic reconstruction in Afghanistan are to be guaranteed. This implies the establishment of truly representative institutions with respect for human rights, rights for women, for public freedoms and a multi-party system, and especially respect for the rights of civil society and opposition parties.

• Urges that Afghan women have their own voice and that they have an important role to play in building peace and in shaping a democratic Afghanistan.

• Reaffirms that aid from the international community for the reconstruction of Afghanistan must be linked necessarily to the respect for democratic values in that country.