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OSLO COUNCIL - Global Solidarity

18-19 May 1998


Original: Spanish

The Council of the Socialist International, meeting in Oslo:

Calls on the government of Mexico and the parties and political forces of that country to reestablish conditions for dialogue and a negotiated peaceful solution of the conflict in Chiapas.

Demands the investigation and punishment of those responsible materially and intellectually for the massacre at Acteal. Only with an absolute respect for the rule of law will it be possible to end the uncertainty, tension and series of violent episodes of the sort mentioned.

Considers it necessary to raise to a constitutional level the San Andres de Larrainzar agreements signed by the Federal Government and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, EZLN, and to put into action a policy of dialogue and consensus which would allow the respect for human rights and the reestablishment of a peace dialogue involving the withdrawal of the Mexican army to its former positions.

Recommends the implementation of a policy to ease tension in order to bring back confidence to the parties concerned and the responsible adoption of decisions leading to the social and economic reform of the region, putting in first place the full recognition of the rights of the Indian peoples as set out in Resolution 169 of the International Labour Organisation, ILO.