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Latin America and the Caribbean
La Antigua, Guatemala
23-24 March 2009

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Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean in the global financial crisis: Meeting of the SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean in Guatemala

23-24 March 2009

Original: Spanish
The Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean meeting in La Antigua Guatemala on 23-24 March 2009, expresses its full support for the initiatives and policies carried out by the government of our member party, the National Union for Hope, UNE, and President Alvaro Colom Caballeros during their first fifteen months in office. In particular for their reaffirmation of the role of the institutions of the state and government from a progressive perspective, placing people at the center of its public policies.
This can be seen in important initiatives in regard to social cohesion and national dialogue, making available free of charge basic services in health and education, implementing programmes of microcredit for urban and rural areas, increasing investment in the environment and water, among others, all of which have managed to achieve a positive impact on the main indicators in relation to health, education, poverty, extreme poverty and the effects of climate change in Guatemala.
The Committee supports, as it will continue to do, all the efforts of UNE to ensure that solidarity is the driving force behind its policies relating to the poorest sectors of the population and those most in need of the resources of a state which is responsible and committed to the common good. The Committee also expresses its satisfaction that after the last  50 years of history, this beautiful country has again found the light, the light of hope, the light of social democracy in Guatemala.

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