SI Committees

Manila, Philippines
20-21 May 2011

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SI Asia-Pacific Committee

Asia-Pacific issues discussed in Manila

20-21 May 2011

Meeting of the Socialist International Asia-Pacific Committee
Manila, 20-21 May 2011
Statement on Pakistan
The Socialist International Asia-Pacific Committee, in discussing the situation of Pakistan, has noted that as a key ally in the front line in the war against terror, Pakistan has lost over 30,000 people in suicide attacks, including 5,000 members of the armed forces, while over 12,000 of its citizens have been injured. Today the world at large needs to understand that Pakistan has paid and continues to pay the heaviest price in the struggle for peace in the region and by consequence, in the world.
Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto furthered the struggle for social justice, moderation and democracy in Pakistan, and gave the people strength to fight extremism and dictatorship – and it is this strength and progressive mindset that remains committed to eliminate terrorism and make the future of Pakistan and the rest of the world terror free.
Given Pakistan’s pivotal role and numerous sacrifices, it is imperative that Pakistan, along with all the other countries in the region, be included and consulted in all international talks and plans on the way forward in Afghanistan.
The Committee, recalling the previous statements of the Socialist International in regard to terrorism, notes that the Pakistan Peoples Party is determined not to allow extremists to hijack its social democratic agenda and reiterates its full solidarity with the PPP in these efforts.

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