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Socialist International Campaigns

Stopping violence against women

Stop violence against women

This task involves both men and women. We need to get away from the idea that this is a women’s problem and that they are the only ones who need to deal with it. It is a human, social and political problem of the first order which requires the commitment as well as the explicit and specific presence of men.

To launch a campaign such as the one planned by the Socialist International on a matter which is already the subject of many NGO campaigns as well as government action, it is essential to establish:

The specific value which the Socialist International can bring as a political organisation.
• The tools to be used.
• The content.
• The action.

The specific value of an SI campaign

This problem is already being dealt with by many NGOs all over the world and has been the subject of social and government action in many countries. The specific nature of our campaign stems from the type of organisation setting it in motion: a worldwide political organisation of men and women which is in power in many countries (and is therefore able to legislate) and in opposition in other countries. Our organisation, in any case, has access to major international bodies (United Nations, ILO, OSCE, European Union, etc.) and is firmly rooted in society and maintains close contacts with women’s NGOs and various other movements.


The campaign tools must be the following:

1. The member parties themselves, with which we need to intensify communication on this matter.

2. Governments in countries where we are in power by means of integral plans, legal and legislative measures, etc.

3. Communication media.

4. Socialist presence in campaigns run by other institutions, NGOs, etc.

stop violence against women now


Must be based on three main ideas:

1. Women’s rights are human rights.

2. Violence against women is a negation of democracy. Violence against women: a question of State.

3. Zero tolerance on violence against women.


1. A general awareness-building campaign (activities to be carried out by parties, institutions, governments and the media). We need to base action on simple content, using posters as well as visible signs (ribbons, taking part in a specific day of action, major musical events, etc.).

2. Direct political action aimed at international bodies (international treaties, participation in conventions, etc.).

3. Actions aimed at developing tools to gather knowledge and aid reflection (Universities, Foundation, Study Groups, etc.). Making contact with universities which are dealing with this matter and trying to create a "pooling of ideas" on this issue.

Fixing the 25 November 2000 as ‘World Day Against Violence’ to launch the campaign.

Prepare an event focused on the campaign.


Initial working method

1. Study and analysis of existing campaigns.

2. Charting our campaign, its aims and the various activities.

3. Consultation with campaigning experts.

4. Planning of concrete actions, their duration and assessment methods.

5. Drawing up of a political Manifesto to be put to a vote at an SI Council meeting and to include specific undertakings on the part of all parties.


Socialist International delegation address Sharia court sentencing in Nigeria, 16-20 October 2002

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