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MIGRATION, a human right

21 June 2004

The inaugural meeting of the Migrations Committee was held in Zacatecas, Mexico on 21 June. Amalia Garcia, a PRD candidate for Governor in the upcoming elections in the state of Zacatecas, was appointed at the last Council as Chair of the Committee.

Meeting in Zacatecas, the Committee observed a definitive example of a region that has experienced migration for many generations.

The Committee on Migrations was established at the recent SI Council in Madrid as a response and an acknowledgement of the role of migration and the need for a common social democratic approach to this issue, today central in the process of globalisation of the world economy and equally crucial to the challenges of democratisation and of building a fair and more humane global society.

The meeting under the title "Migration, a human right" explored current trends in migration by examining the case of Zacatecas and Mexico; discussed a plan of work for the Committee, "A social democratic strategy for migration", and defined the Committee's priorities.

Resolution and plan of work

List of participants

Other activities

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