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Latin America and the Caribbean

HAITI the focus of SI Latin America and Caribbean Committee discussions

21-22 January 2005


Original: French 

Meeting in Port-au-Prince, capital of the Republic of Haiti on 21-22 January 2005, the Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, having examined the political situation in the country, is issuing this declaration in support of the current process of political transition in Haiti.

1. The Committee notes that the Haitian people through democratic means, political parties and other civil society organisations, are ever more determined to advance on the road of change, taking advantage of the new historic opportunity to modernise their country.

2. The Committee also takes note of the positive attitude expressed by both the President of the Republic, HE Boniface Alexandre and the Prime Minister, Gérard Latortue, to continue their policies aimed at creating confidence in different sectors, by applying a strategy of inclusion towards all political parties which have decided to contribute to the transition process currently underway in Haiti.

3. The Committee warmly welcomes the accounts of various figures that the government of Haiti, supported by United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), is making efforts to re-establish a climate of security in the country.

4. The Committee urges international sponsors and donors to honour with greater swiftness the financial commitments undertaken at the Washington meeting in July 2004, so making available to the Haitian State the resources which are indispensable to carrying out urgent work, in particular on the infrastructure, which should then have lasting and positive effects on economic and social development in Haiti, a country recently hit by natural disasters which have worsened the already intolerable levels of poverty there.

5. The Committee will remain firm in its solidarity with the Haitian people, helping friendly governments around the world to have a more objective view of the reality in Haiti and of the efforts made to guarantee a better future for its people.

6. The Committee promises, within the laws of Haiti and the rules of the Provisional Electoral Council, to observe the electoral process in the course of 2005.

7. The Committee encourages KONAKOM and PANPRA, Haitian member parties of the Socialist International, to continue their strategy of merging to create, as soon as possible, with other political partners, notably Ayti Kapab, a large, single social democratic party, which will enable them to play a fundamental role in the process of transformation of Haitian society, while respecting the rule of law.


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