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SI Committe for Latin America and the Caribbean

‘Energy, development and integration’ and ‘Competitivity and equity’ focus of regional meeting in Bucaramanga, Colombia

30-31 May 2011

Meeting for the SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean
Bucaramanga, Colombia, 30-31 May 2011


Original: Spanish

In view of the denunciations made by the SI member party in Aruba, the Electoral People’s Movement (MEP), the Socialist International Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (SICLAC), meeting in Bucaramanga, Colombia, on 30-31 May 2011, expresses its concern for the consequences that the imposition of applying the category of Dutch municipalities to the islands of Saba, Bonaire and St Eustatius will have with regard to the rights of the islands’ inhabitants, as well as the effect that a European country in territorial waters of the Caribbean will have.

At the same time, SICLAC expresses its concern at the use being made of methods of financial pressure and “no consensus” laws, in order to limit the scope of the regimes of autonomous government already attained in Aruba and more recently in Curaçao and St. Maarten.

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