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Local Governments

Meeting of the SI Committee for Local Governments, Santiago de Chile

The newly-established SI Committee on Local Governments will meet in Santiago de Chile on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 of July 2013.

The meeting will focus on the following agenda: (1) Opening; (2) Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee; (3) Priorities and tasks of local governments today: Defining a common progressive platform, Presentations and debate; (4) The democratic challenge: ensuring that the voice of the citizens is heard, Presentations and debate; (5) The solidarity challenge: achieving from the cities greater equality of opportunity and social justice, Presentations and debate; (6) Preparation of the IV SI World Conference of Local Authorities; (7) Programme of work of the Committee; (8) Statement of the meeting; and (9) Closure.

Discussions will start at 10.00 hrs on the 19th and will conclude at 13.00 hrs on the 20th. We look forward to the attendance of mayors from our SI family worldwide.

Other activities

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