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SI welcomes agreement signed yesterday by Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

18 June 2018


5th Anniversary of the death Of Pierre Mauroy

07 June 2018


Socialist International condemns killing of demonstrators in Gaza

15 May 2018


Declaration of the Socialist International on Nicaragua

23 April 2018


SI denounces killing of unarmed Palestinians by Israel along Gaza border

01 April 2018


SI heartened by massive youth protests in cities of the US and other countries against gun violence

26 March 2018


Socialist International celebrates International Women's Day

08 March 2018


SI condemns terrorist attacks in Ouagadougou

03 March 2018


SI denounces violation of freedom of assembly and other rights in Guinea Bissau

02 February 2018


The SI warns of a new humanitarian catastrophe in Syria

25 January 2018





The unilateral decision on Jerusalem by the United States of America

06 December 2017


The Socialist International on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration

02 November 2017


SI call to protect the Rohingya people in Myanmar

08 September 2017


It is time to enforce the Democratic Charter in Venezuela

18 August 2017


Venezuelan government deepens break with democracy and increases repression and violence

31 July 2017


SI condemns sentencing of opposition MP Enis Berberoğlu

16 June 2017


Standing with Manchester

23 May 2017


SI Secretary General forced out of the DRC by Kabila regime

15 May 2017


SI condemns the latest abduction and detention of Mikalai Statkevich

29 April 2017


Democracy can only be protected and advanced when in full view of the people and its institutions

02 April 2017


The last vestiges of democracy have fallen in Venezuela

30 March 2017


Venezuela at the centre of concerns of democrats the world over

14 January 2017


A sign of hope for the DRC

05 January 2017


SI welcomes the release of political prisoner Manuel Rosales

02 January 2017





SI congratulates President-elect of Gambia, Adama Barrow

02 December 2016


SI calls for respect for democracy in Turkey and the release of detained HDP leaders

04 November 2016


SI Declaration on Venezuela

21 October 2016


Socialist International calls for an immediate end to the ongoing bloodbath in Syria and for united efforts by the international community to end the conflict

14 October 2016


Standing with Colombia for peace

26 September 2016


Parliamentary elections bring no true democracy and no real change

13 September 2016


SI denounces the sentencing of opposition leader in The Gambia

22 July 2016


SI condemns coup attempt and supports democracy in Turkey

16 July 2016


SI condemns terrorist attack in Nice and stands together with France

15 July 2016


The long road to democracy

26 April 2016


SI denounces criminal crackdown of demonstrators and arrest of SI member party leader in Gambia

16 April 2016


SI Solidarity with the Pakistani people

28 March 2016


Socialist International condemns terrorist attacks in Brussels

22 March 2016


Venezuela must respect democracy

18 February 2016


SI condemns terrorist attack in Ouagadougou

16 January 2016





SI condemns terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris

07 January 2015


Socialist International supports regional efforts to combat Boko Haram in West and Central Africa

20 January 2015


Socialist International welcomes agreement for a new coalition government in Moldova

27 January 2015


Protecting freedom of expression

02 February 2015


Venezuela:on the brink of reaching a point of no return?

20 February 2015


Socialist International greets successful Presidential elections in Nigeria

01 April 2015


Socialist International calls for respect for opposition in Gambia

17 April 2015


The unacceptable tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea must be halted

22 April 2015


Socialist International Mission in search of a political solution

30 April 2015


Second anniversary of the Gezi Park protests

30 May 2015


SI congratulates its member parties in Turkey

08 June 2015


For peace in Yemen

16 June 2015


Peace agreement in Mali – a milestone to regain stability and security in the Sahel

21 June 2015


SI condemns terrorist attack in Suruc, Turkey

21 July 2015


SI welcomes release of Mikalai Statkevich and other political prisoners in Belarus

24 August 2015


Socialist International protests against the sentencing of Leopoldo López

10 September 2015


SI call for Solidarity and Political Action

14 September 2015


Socialist International condemns military coup and the interruption of the process to democracy in Burkina Faso

17 September 2015


SI welcomes the adoption of the 2030 Agenda and Global Goals

27 September 2015


The SI condemns the massive terrorist attack in Ankara and calls for a thorough investigation

12 October 2015


Return of Manuel Rosales, leader of the UNT Party, to Venezuela

15 October 2015


Socialist International congratulates San Suu Kyi and NLD on historic election results

13 November 2015


Socialist International condemns terrorist attacks in Paris

14 November 2015


SI solidarity with Mali and President Keita following terrorist attack in Bamako

20 November 2015


SI Declaration on climate change and COP 21

29 November 2015


A New Venezuela

07 December 2015


Socialist International greets Paris Agreement

14 December 2015





Socialist International greets National Dialogue outcome

01 February 2014


For an Olympic Truce in Syria during the Sochi Games

07 February 2014


A new Prime Minister in Nepal

11 February 2014


Venezuela : for an end to the violence

17 February 2014


Ending the stalemate in Cyprus

17 February 2014


For a Europe with our ideals at heart

29 May 2014


SI calls for immediate ceasefire in the ongoing crisis in Gaza

14 July 2014


Socialist International condemns shelling of refugee shelter in Gaza

24 July 2014


Conflict in Ukraine

16 September 2014


Ending Terror in Iraq and Syria

25 September 2014


Latest developments in Iraq and Syria

15 October 2014


Call for constitutional order in Burkina Faso

31 October 2014


Socialist International envoys prevented from visiting Leopoldo López in prison in Venezuela

15 November 2014


SI condemns Peshawar massacre

17 December 2014





In support of peace and democracy in the Sahel region

16 january 2013


SI condemns DPRK nuclear test

12 february 2013


Passing of Hugo Chávez

6 march 2013


SI Secretary General, Luis Ayala, on democratic socialism at the UNT anniversary event in Venezuela

13 March 2013


SI at 128th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union in Quito, Ecuador

27 March 2013


Renewed call for global crackdown on tax evasion and tax havens

15 April 2013


Recount of votes crucial to ensure the election's legitimacy, democracy and peace

15 April 2013


The Socialist International is deeply concerned over recent legislation in Moldova

07 May 2013


Statement of the Socialist International on the situation in Turkey

17 June 2013


Repression of opposition protest in Equatorial Guinea is condemned by the SI

25 June 2013


Celebration of election results in Albania

25 June 2013


Evo Morales, international norms, and equality among states

July 2013


In support of democracy and national unity in Egypt

04 July 2013


Decision of European Parliament on FTT

04 July 2013


In support of democracy and national unity in Egypt

04 July 2013


The urgent need to restore Egypt’s democratic agenda

31 July 2013


The responsibility of the international community towards the Syrian people

04 September 2013


The challenges of democracy: Guinea’s parliamentary elections

11 October 2013


Socialist International closely follows investigation into attack against Governor of Santa Fe, Argentina

26 October 2013


Elections in Mauritania – the need for democracy

21 November 2013


Talks with Iran

25 November 2013





Egypt - The Unfinished Democratic Agenda

21 december 2012



12 december 2012


Socialist International welcomes UN vote on Palestinian status

30 november 2012


Violence must end 

18 november 2012


SI at 127th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union in Quebec City

23 october 2012


2012 parliamentary elections

17 october 2012


SI condemns shooting of schoolgirl

11 october 2012


SI Presidium meeting at United Nations during the UNGA debates

26 september 2012


SI mourns President Atta Mills

25 July 2012


Socialist International gravely concerned by summary removal from office of President Lugo in Paraguay

24 June 2012


For ambitious and clear undertakings at Rio+20

20 June 2012


Mauritania: the need for democracy

30 May 2012


Cameroon: electoral code does not address democratic concerns

29 may 2012


SI mourns tragic loss of life in terror attack

21 may 2012


SI condemns subversion of constitutional order by the military in Guinea-Bissau

13 April 2012


SI Commission meeting at the United Nations, New York

4 April 2012


Socialist International greets outcome of by-elections in Burma 

03 April 2012


SI meeting of parliamentarians at 126th IPU Assembly in Kampala

02 April 2012


SI condemns attack on democracy in Mali

22 march 2012


SI in Yemen: working for a transition to a secure, democratic state

18 March 2012


Unjust persecution and harassment of Sandra Torres

8 March 2012 


Violence and bloodshed must end

16 February 2012 





SI denounces Syrian defiance of growing calls to cease violence

28 November 2011


SI supports Tahrir Square demands for civilian rule

23 November 2011


Cameroon: in search of true democracy

20 October 2011


We are all indignados

18 October 2011 


Meeting of parliamentarians from SI member parties

17 October 2011 


Parliamentarians from SI parties at the IPU Assembly in Bern

17 October 2011 


SI Presidium at the UN: For a common strategy out of the crisis

23 September 2011 


Opposition gathers pace in Syria

19 September 2011 


SI delegation in Cameroon calls for free and fair elections

09 August 2011 


Situation in Syria of grave concern

04 August 2011 


Meeting of the Committee in Windhoek, Namibia

29 July 2011 


SI calls for urgent action against famine

22 July 2011 


Socialist International condemns acts of terror in Norway

22 July 2011 


Attack on President Condé an assault on democracy

19 July 2011 


Birth of world’s newest nation must bring new era of peace

11 July 2011 


SI calls for end of violence in Sudan ahead of the establishment of Africa's 54th new nation

27 June 2011 


Yemenis step up calls for democracy as President declared unfit to rule

19 June 2011


Violent clashes continue as UN delivers damning report into alleged atrocities

17 June 2011


SI condemns sentence handed down in Minsk to Mikalai Statkevich

27 May 2011


Violence continues on streets of Sana’a as President Saleh repeats refusal to go

26 May 2011


Mayoral election result in Tirana must be respected

19 May 2011


Opposition parties denounce persecution of Guineans by Obiang regime

16 May 2011


Unprecedented gains for Canada's New Democrats

06 May 2011


Pro-democracy activists face unacceptable violence

03 May 2011


Meeting of SI parliamentarians at IPU Assembly, Panama City

16 April 2011


SI congratulates President Mahamadou Issoufou

07 April 2011


End violence against civilians

21 March 2011


Meeting of the SI Presidium, Athens

19 March 2011


SI Presidium addresses situation in Côte d'Ivoire

19 March 2011


Statement of the SI Presidium in Athens

19 March 2011


SI celebrates 100th anniversary of International Women's Day

08 March 2011


Cowardly assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti

02 March 2011


Murderous attacks on civilians an intolerable crime

21 February 2011


Peaceful protest a fundamental right

15 Febrary 2011


Egypt: a new democratic future

14 February 2011


Yemen: Solidarity with democrats

14 February 2011


Elections in Central African Republic

12 February 2011


Socialists win first round of elections

04 February 2011


For a new course in Egypt

29 January 2011


Latest news on Belarus

24 January 2011


Statement on Albania

24 January 2011


SI decision on Tunisia

17 January 2011


Statement on Tunisia

13 January 2011


Update on Belarus

12 January 2011


SI condemns assassination of Salman Taseer in Pakistan

05 January 2011






Declaration on Côte d'Ivoire

22 December 2010


Guinea in the ranks of socialist governments

22 December 2010


Meeting of SI parliamentarians at IPU Assembly

05 October 2010


SI condemns attacks on democracy in Ecuador

30 September 2010


Socialist International leaders reiterate commitment to MDGs at annual meeting in New York

20 September 2010


SI Commission on Global Financial Issues meets on Poros, Greece

12 July 2010


Commission discusses Toronto G-20 meeting in New York

19 June 2010


Socialist International condemns use of force against humanitarian convoy to Gaza

31 may 2010


In sympathy with the Polish nation

10 April 2010


SI celebrates centenary of International Women's Day

08 March 2010


Earthquake in Chile

27 February 2010


SI condemns military coup in Niger

19 February 2010


Message from Victor Benoit, President of the Union of Haitian Social Democrats and Vice-President of the Socialist International

26 January 2010


Socialist International Mission in Caracas

20 January 2010


In solidarity with Haiti

13 January 2010






Declaration of the SI Mediterranean Committee

05 October 2009


Statement on the situation in Guinea

30 September 2009


SI Presidium: The way forward on climate change and tackling the financial crisis

23 September 2009


Statement of the SI Presidium, United Nations, New York

23 September 2009


Meeting of the Commission on Global Financial Issues in New York

21 September 2009


Socialist International vigorously protests the sentencing of Aung San Suu Kyi and calls for firm action on Burma

11 August 2009


SI condemns Coup d'Etat in Honduras

29 June 2009


SI condemns terror in Spain

19 June 2009


Statement on Guatemala

19 May 2009


Socialist International condemns latest measures against Aung San Suu Kyi

15 May 2009


Socialist International Delegation to El Salvador

16 April 2009


For a Progressive Response to the Global Financial Crisis: SI Commission on Global Financial Issues meeting in New York

31 March 2009


Socialist International delegation in El Salvador

16 March 2009


Socialist International strongly condemns assassination of President Vieira in Guinea-Bissau

02 March 2009


Socialist International congratulates Mills on presidential victory, praises Ghana’s democracy

05 January 2009





Socialist International condemns terrorist attacks in Mumbai

27 November 2008


Socialist International welcomes Obama victory

05 November 2008


Socialist International deeply concerned about situation in eastern Congo

01 November 2008


SI congratulates Asif Ali Zardari on presidential election result

06 September 2008


Socialist International calls for immediate ceasefire in South Ossetia

09 August 2008 


Socialist International condemns coup in Mauritania and calls for the restoration of democratic rule

07 August 2008 


Socialist International deplores violence following elections in Mongolia

08 July 2008


Socialist International denounces government sponsored violence in Zimbabwe

24 June 2008


Statement on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

10 June 2008


Equatorial Guinea: Socialist International calls for real multiparty democracy

13 May 2008


Fernando Lugo elected President of Paraguay

20 April 2008


SI condemns escalation of violence in southern Israel and in Gaza

03 March 2008


Socialist International denounces assassination attempts in Timor-Leste

12 February 2008


Guatemala's new president, Alvaro Colom, takes office

14 January 2008






The assassination of Benazir Bhutto a tragedy for Pakistan and a loss for democracy and the world

27 December 2007


HERMES BINNER sworn in as Governor of Santa Fe

11 December 2007


Commemorating the centenary of the International Socialist Congress, Stuttgart

11 November 2007


SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL condemns emergency rule in Pakistan

05 November 2007


SI CONDEMNS bombings against Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan

19 October 2007


SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL stands firm with the people of Burma

27 September 2007


Socialist International condemns assassination of Lebanese parliamentarian

13 June 2007


Ivica Racan remembered by social democrats around the world

02 May 2007


Socialist International greatly concerned over situation in Senegal

29 January 2007


Socialist International condemns the violent repression of demonstrations in Guinea

23 January 2007





Socialist International condemns assassination of Lebanese government minister

22 November 2006


Socialist International welcomes peace agreement in Nepal

22 November 2006


North Korean announcement of nuclear test condemned by Socialist International

09 October 2006


Socialist International calls for immediate restoration of democracy in Thailand

20 September 2006


Socialist International reaffirms the need for an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East

01 August 2006


Socialist International Presidium calls on all parties to end violence in the Middle East and to resume the path to negotiations

15 July 2006


Negotiated resolution to nuclear issue encouraged by Socialist International during talks in Tehran

26 June 2006


Socialist International deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Nepal, calls for restoration of democratic rule

11 April 2006


Socialist International heartened by news of ETA ceasefire in Spain

23 March 2006


Socialist International declares Belarus elections unacceptable

20 March 2006


Socialist International welcomes UN Human Rights Council

16 March 2006


Socialist International calls for greater efforts to encourage understanding across cultures

09 February 2006






Socialist International to elect its President in Athens in January

21 November 2005


SI mourns loss of Indian socialist leader, Madhu Dandavate

14 November 2005


Socialist International condemns statement by President of Iran

27 October 2005


On occasion of UN Summit, Heads of State and Government hold informal discussions under auspices of SI

15 September 2005


UNITED NATIONS 2005 WORLD SUMMIT - Statement of the Socialist International

14 September 2005


Socialist International disturbed over latest developments in Romania

04 September 2005


Socialist International expresses condolences following tragedy in Baghdad and reaffirms its solidarity with the people of Iraq

01 September 2005


Socialist International welcomes Gaza withdrawal and calls for continuing efforts to ensure Middle East peace

23 August 2005


Socialist International remembers Hiroshima and continues its work for nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament

05 August 2005


Socialist International calls on international community to do more to assist Niger and West Africa to overcome food crisis

26 July 2005


Socialist International condemns acts of terror in London

07 July 2005


SI Presidium thanks António Guterres and sets in motion procedure to elect new President

13 June 2005


Togo: SI appeals for process of democratic transition to be restored

14 February 2005


Socialist International deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Nepal, calls for restoration of democratic rule

11 April 2006


Socialist International welcomes release of Mauritanian opposition leader

04 February 2005






Socialist International supports democratic forces' call for fair and transparent outcome of electoral process in Ukraine

23 November 2004


Socialist International honours the legacy of Yasser Arafat

11 November 2004


Socialist International condemns lack of democracy and repression in Belarus

21 October 2004


Socialist International Executive urges action on Sudan and Middle East at its meeting in Athens

18 September 2004


Socialist International honours the memory of Leonel Brizola

22 June 2004


Venezuela to hold recall referendum

04 June 2004


Socialist International mission visited Haiti to support democracy and human rights, 24-25 May 2004

24-25 May 2004


Socialist International condemns Israeli offensive in Gaza

20 May 2004


Meeting of the Executive of the Socialist International, Budapest

14 May 2004


Socialist International declares unlawful and unacceptable the assassination of Rantissi

17 April 2004


Socialist International statement on Israeli PM’s proposals

15 April 2004


Socialist International denounces the assassination of Hamas' spiritual leader

22 March 2004


Socialist International welcomes PSOE victory in Spain

15 March 2004


International strongly condemns bombings in Madrid

11 March 2004


Socialist International deeply concerned about situation in Haiti

20 February 2004


Socialist International expresses outrage and condemnation of bombings against Kurdish political parties in northern Iraq

02 February 2004






Geneva Accord presented, renewing hopes for peace in the Middle East

02 December 2003


Socialist International calls for less egoism and a more balanced approach to advance on world trade rules

19 September 2003


Socialist International shocked and dismayed by attack on Anna Lindh

10 September 2003


Socialist International calls for the immediate release of Aung San Suu Kyi

03 September 2003


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List of SI member parties in government 

Member Party Congresses

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29-31 March 2019


Chad, UNDR
12-14 April 2019


Resolutions and Decisions of the XXV SI Congress

Report to the XXV SI Congress


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Presidential elections
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7 April 2019


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Resolutions and Decisions of the XXIV Congress


Report of the Secretary General


SI welcomes the release of political prisoner Manuel Rosales

02 JANUARY 2017

The release from prison of Manuel Rosales, leader of Un Nuevo Tiempo, UNT, of Venezuela, an SI member party, has been warmly welcomed by the Socialist International. He was unjustly imprisoned following his arrest in October 2015, returning to the country after six years in exile. While celebrating his release, we vigorously protest against the conditions imposed on his freedom, including the need for him to regularly report to authorities, and forbidding him from leaving the country. The International salutes his courage and strength, and expresses its support and solidarity to his family, friends, and comrades...


SI condemns terrorist attack against member party KDP-Iran

21 DECEMBER 2016

The Socialist International firmly condemns the terrorist attack against the party headquarters in Arbil of the SI member Kurdistan Democratic Party, KDP-Iran, which took place on 20 December. The attack was carried out as party members were leaving a memorial ceremony honouring former party leader Abdulrahman Ghassemlou, who was assassinated in Vienna in 1989. Four party members, a member of the youth organisation and a security guard died in the attack and several others were seriously injured. Our International extends its deepest condolences to the families and comrades of those killed. The SI reiterates its strong solidarity with all members of the KDP-Iran at this difficult time.


Political Prisoners


SI calls for respect for democracy in Turkey and the release of detained HDP leaders


The Socialist International firmly deplores the arrest this morning of Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, Co-Chairs of the People’s Democratic Party (Halkların Demokratik Partisi), HDP, an SI member party, and the detention of 11 other HDP parliamentarians, in a further blow to Turkish democracy following earlier crackdowns and restrictions on the freedoms and rights of the citizens of that country. The HDP is the third largest political party in Turkey and won seats in parliament in June 2015 despite the existing 10% threshold, and again in the elections re-called in November 2015. In May this year, the immunity that MPs usually hold from prosecution was removed from HDP members. Party members have subsequently protested against repeated raids of their homes and offices...



SI Declaration on Venezuela

21 OCTOBER 2016

The Socialist International deplores the decision adopted yesterday, Thursday 20 October, by the Electoral National Council (CNE) of Venezuela to postpone until a new judicial order the process of collection of 20% of signatures required to activate a recall referendum on the government of Nicolás Maduro scheduled for 26, 27 and 28 of this month. In its public declaration, the CNE bases its decision on compliance with the Constitution and observance of precautionary measures adopted by the criminal courts of Valencia, San Fernando Apure, Aragua and Bolivar, after accepting complaints for alleged electoral crimes against the political forces which are members of the Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD), an alliance which includes member parties of the SI, in the process to activate the recall referendum...



Socialist International calls for an immediate end to the ongoing bloodbath in Syria and for united efforts by the international community to end the conflict

14 OCTOBER 2016

As the world continues to witness the tragedy taking place in Syria, the Socialist International calls for renewed concerted efforts by the international community to stop the carnage and human suffering which has intensified following the breakdown last month of the brief ceasefire that lasted less than a week. The Syrian people are hostages to a conflict that transcends their country and whose solution today lies primarily outside their borders. According to United Nations figures, some 13.5 million Syrians are today requiring humanitarian assistance…



Standing with Colombia for peace



Standing with Colombia for peace


The Socialist International greets the historic signing today in Cartagena of the Peace Accord between the government of Colombia and the FARC, successfully concluding a process which began more than four years ago in Havana. Our International is among those accompanying this significant event, maintaining its commitment and support for peace in Colombia today and for the post-conflict period of disarmament and reconciliation.


Parliamentary elections bring no true democracy and no real change in Belarus


Despite the election of opposition parliamentarians for the first time in twenty years, legislative elections in Belarus have not delivered true democracy to the people of that country. The Socialist International reiterates its firm support and solidarity to all those in Belarus engaged in the fundamental struggle for democracy and human rights. On 11 September 2016, Belarusian citizens went to the polls for parliamentary elections, the results of which are now known. The new parliament contains two opposition MPs, the first elected since 1996, but remains overwhelmingly dominated by those who support President Alexander Lukashenko....


SI denounces the sentencing of opposition leader in The Gambia

22 JULY 2016

The Socialist International firmly denounces and condemns the sentencing of Ousainou Darboe, leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) of Gambia, an SI member party, along with 18 other party members and sympathisers, to 3 years imprisonment, having been arbitrarily detained since 16 April 2016 following a peaceful demonstration. The SI utterly deplores this travesty of justice and calls for their immediate release. We equally call on the international community to join forces in denouncing the conduct of the dictatorial regime of Yahya Jammeh and calling for an end to the continuing violation of human rights in that country...

  • ♦ 23 August 2016
  • With great sorrow the SI has learned of the death while in jail of Ebrima Solo Kurumah, UDP party member, the second such case in five months. The SI calls for an urgent full investigation into the circumstances of this tragic death. The Socialist International remains extremely concerned about the lives of all those protestors incarcerated as we have now seen two political prisoners of this group who have lost their lives in the last few months.


SI condemns coup attempt and supports democracy in Turkey

16 JULY 2016

The Socialist International condemns the attempt by military forces in Turkey last night and in the early hours of this morning, to bring down the legitimately elected government of the country. Our organisation wholeheartedly shares and fully supports the clear and unequivocal statements made by the leaders of the CHP and the HDP, members of our global political family, as the coup attempt unfolds. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, leader of the CHP, said that the country had suffered previous coups and these developments should never be repeated in Turkey, adding that his party fully depends on the free will of the people, indispensable to Turkey’s parliamentary democracy…


SI denounces ruling against amnesty and reconciliation law in Venezuela

12 April 2016

The Socialist International denounces the grave disregard of the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people and the usurpation of powers by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of the country, which yesterday declared as unconstitutional the Amnesty and National Reconciliation Law that had been approved by a majority in the National Assembly on 29 March this year. The resounding electoral victory in the elections to the National Assembly at the beginning of December 2015 was based on a clear proposal...

CIS, Caucasus and Black Sea

SI calls for an immediate end to the confrontation between Azerbaijanis and Armenians

04 APRIL 2016

The Socialist International has followed with great concern the hostilities and attacks that have taken place in the last 48 hours between Armenians and Azerbaijanis with a regrettable loss of numerous lives. Our International calls for an immediate ceasefire and for an end to these hostilities, and at the same time reiterates the urgent need for a resumption of dialogue within the framework of the Minsk Group, a body accepted by both Armenia and Azerbaijan and recognised by the multilateral organisations, to resolve through negotiation and in accordance with the principles of international law...


SI Solidarity with the Pakistani people

28 March 2016

The Socialist International expresses its solidarity with the people of Pakistan as they come to terms with the horrendous terrorist attack carried out yesterday near Lahore. Over 70 people lost their lives as they enjoyed a Sunday afternoon in the park, including numerous women and children, and over 300 were injured. We strongly denounce this violent act, as we have other such terrorist attacks in Pakistan and elsewhere. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the deceased and our sympathy is with all those injured and suffering as a result... 


In support of democracy in Uganda

22 FEBRUARY 2016

In recent years the people of Africa have continued advancing and moving forward democratic governance in an important number of countries of the region. Today, more and more people in that continent enjoy freedoms and rights, a precondition for progress, development and peace. Members of the Socialist International in a good number of countries in Africa have been protagonists and actors of an era of change that has been bringing new opportunities and a new face to the political life of the continent. Nevertheless, authoritarianism, oppression and other evils of the past still linger in the political life of some of the countries in the region...

Socialist International